Machinery Condition Monitoring System

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RH1000 online monitoring station consists 16 vibration and temperature optional channels, 2 process information channels, 1 speed channel. Taking advantage of the patent of RONDS, it can realize synchronous data acquisition with all channels.

Working Diagram:

Machinery Condition Monitoring System

System Features:
  1. Maximal 16 channels synchronous data acquisition
  2. Machine Data Overview
  3. DAQ Definition Group Management & Characteristic Parameter Group Management
  4. Configuration Information Tree
  5. Remote Data Viewing
  6. Plenty of Data Analysis Tools
  7. Automatic Calculation of Characteristic Frequency
  8. Intelligent Alarm Function
  9. Create report Function

Technical Parameters
Max.channels 16 channels vibration/temperature, 1 channel speed, 2 channels processing 
Vibration(temperature measurement is optional)
Channel No. 16 channels  
Sensor integrated IEPE acceleration sensor High/ low frequency and dual acceleration acquisition synchronously
Input impedance 200kΩ  
Input coupling AC  
Sensor drive current 4mA@24V  
A/D converter 24 bits delta-sigma ADC   
Dynamic range 100dB  
Signal range -10~10V  
Precision ±1%,160Hz  
Frequency response 0.2dB(10Hz ~ 5kHz)
0.6dB(2Hz ~ 20kHz)
Integrated temperature measurement Support  
Temperature measurement range -40ºC ~ 120ºC  
Temperature measurement range ±2ºC  
Speed channel
Channel No. 1 channel  
Sensor integrated TTL isolation,12V non isolated,24V PLC isolation  
Power output 12VDC  
Trigger level 5V,12V,24V  
Speed measurement range (1)Against proximity switch,PLC,speed range:0 ~ 20000 RPM.
(2)Against high speed encoder,incremental encoder,shaft encoder,speed range:0 ~ 10000 RPM,impulse per circle:1-2048.
precision ±0.5%  
Sway channel(optional for wind turbine tower measurement, sensor model RH123)
Channel No. 1 channel,two axial  
Signal range 0~5V  
Processing channel(optional)
Channel No. 2 channels  
Input impedance voltage:≥ 10kΩ
current:≤ 250Ω
Signal access voltage:-10V ~ 10V
current:4mA ~ 20mA
precision ±0.5%  
Signal processing
Acquire long time waveform length 2M samples/CH  
Acquire measurement definition length 1K,2K,4K,8K,16K,32K,64K,128K,256K  
Spectrum lines 400,800,1600,3200,6400,12800,25600,51200,102400  
Basic parameter
CPU frequency 400MHz  
Data storage RAM:64M Bytes,Flash:standard 1G Bytes  
Internet TCP/IP,10/100baseT,optical fiber(optional)  
communications RS485,default 1 channel(2 channels max.) Hardware support for oil and inclinometer incidence sensor access
Using condition
Dimension 400mm×300mm×110mm  
Weight <5kg  
IP Grade IP65  
Working environment -40~70ºC,≤95%RH,non-condensing  
Storage environment -50~85ºC,≤95%RH,non-condensing  
atmospheric pressure 70kPa ~110kPa The highest altitude is 3000 meters
Power supply
Working voltage Outdoor: 220VAC±20%,50~60Hz
Indoor: 12-24VDC
Need to replace transformer to support 85~135VAC
Consumption <8W  
Certificate CE  
Immunity to electromagnetic interference
ESD immunity EN61000-4-2  4 level ±8kV(contact discharge)   ±15kV(air discharge)  
Radio frequency electromagnetic radiation immunity EN61000-4-3  3 level 10V/m  
EFT immunity EN61000-4-4  4 level ±4kV  
Surge immunity EN61000-4-5  4 level ±4kV  
radio frequency transmission immunity EN61000-4-6  3 level 10V  
Magnetic field immunity EN61000-4-8  5 level  100A/m  
Impulse magnetic field immunity EN61000-4-9  5 level 1000A/m  
Damped oscillation field immunity EN61000-4-10  5 level  100A/m  
Voltage drop, interrupt, and voltage fluctuation immunity EN61000-4-11  60% rated voltage 10  cycles  

MOS3000 Software

Machinery Condition Monitoring System
Machinery Condition Monitoring System

Machinery Condition Monitoring System
Machinery Condition Monitoring System
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Industrial Plants
Machinery Condition Monitoring System
Machinery Condition Monitoring System

Wind turbines

Machinery Condition Monitoring System


Machinery Condition Monitoring System


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Machinery Condition Monitoring System


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Machinery Condition Monitoring System


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