Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Dog-209fyd Optical DO Probe
Dog-209fyd Optical Do Probe
Measuring Range
0~20mg/L, 0.0-200.0%
RS485 Modbus
3 Relays
Max Temperature
Transport Package
Quality Package for International Transport
BOQU Instrument production over 100 000pcs/year
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe

BOQU instrument was found at 2007,now has been one of the leading factory for top-quality water quality analyzer and water quality sensors by over 10 years on R&D.BOQU production line is strictly according to ISO9001,year quantity is over 100 000pcs.our dissolved oxygen meter and dissolved oxygen sensor are famous all over the world by high quality.DOG-209FA dissolved oxygen sensor is popular used in for drinking water,waste water,farming,swimming pool;DOG-209FYD is optical principle dissolved oxygen sensor,it's maintenance-free,long service life and directly with RS485 Modbus RTU;DOG-208F is ppb class dissolved oxygen sensor ,mainly for pure water such as SWAS in power plant.DOG-208FA is high temperature dissolved oxygen sensor, the max temperature is up to 130ºC,pressure is 6bar,it's also with FDA certificate for Hygienic application, such pharma,beer, beverage,biotech ,food,CIP,SIP etc.if you use mettler toledo or Hamilton dissolved oxygen meter or sensor, now you have new option.

Detailed Photos

What's the technical specification of Best Water Treatment Online Dissolved oxygen Meter?

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe
DOG-2082S DOG-3082 DOG-2082X DOG-2092
Range:0~20.00 mg/L
            0~200.00 %
Accuracy:±1%FS , ±0.5ºC
Response:30s to 90%,60s to 100%
Output:2 ways of 4-20mA (Dissolved oxygen, temperature)
Power:90 - 260V AC 50/60Hz
Measuring range:0~100.0ug/L; 0~20.00 mg/L
Resolution:0.1ug/L; 0.01 mg/L
Accuracy:ug/L: ±l.0%FS; mg/L: ±0.5%FS, Temperature: ±0.5ºC
Temp compensation:0~60ºC
Isolated output:4-20mA
Power:220V±10% 50±1HZ


Temp. Comp.Pt 1000/NTC10K
Temp. range -10.0 ~ +130.0ºC
2 ways of 4-20mA

RS485 Modbus RTU
3 Relays
Protection IP65
Power 90~260VAC

Temp comp: 0~100ºC


RS485 Modbus

2 Relay
Power: AC220V

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe
DOG-2082YS Digital Optical Dissovled Oyxgen Meter
Online measure dissolved oxygen and temperature
Optical dissolved oxygen sensor with RS485
Measure range
0~20.00 mg/L
0~200.00 %
±1%FS , ±0.5ºC
90 - 260V AC 50/60Hz
2 ways of 4-20mA (Dissolved oxygen, temperature)
Three relays;5A/250V AC , 5A/30V DC

What's the technical specification of Online Dissolved Oxygen Sensor ?
Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe
Model DOG-209F
PPM Class
PPB Class
High Temp 130C
Digital RS485
Range 0-20mg/L
0~100.0ug/L; 0~20.00 mg/L
0-20mg/L 0-20mg/L
Temperature 0~60C 0~60C 0~130C 0~60C
Temperature compensation 22K,PT1000
Max pressure 3bar 3bar 6bar 3bar
Material PPS/PC/PTFE SUS316 SUS316 Glass
BOQU Contact

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe

Industrial Applicatons

Mainly Application of Best Water Treatment Online Digital Dissolved oxygen Meter

In today's world, our earth faces many environmental problems, especially in water quality. As a leading manufacturer in water quality analyzers, BOQU Instrument will use all technologies to solve problems related to human and earth survival and always to be the guardians of the earth's water quality. BOQU Instrument's online water quality analyzer is mainly used to test pH, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, residual chlorine, suspended solids,TSS, ammonia, water hardness, silica, phosphate, sodium, BOD, COD,Ammonia nitrogen ,total nitrogen,chloride,lead ,iron,nickel,fluoride,copper,zinc etc. mainly application for Agriculture,Food and Beverages,Water Analysis,Healthcare and Pharmaceutical,Paints and Dyestuff Industry,Cosmetics, Flavors and Fragrances,Electroplating Industry.

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe
Company Profile

BOQU Instrument focuses on technological innovation in water quality analyzers and water quality sensors since founded at 2007. now staff is over 200 people and with an annual growth rate of 35%. we have own R & D center,many senior engineers has over 10 years R&D experience..Now BOQU has got more than 50 technical certificates for controller software and over 20 technical patents,therefore we won the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2010.At present, the annual quantity of water quality sensors and meters is over 100,000pcs, it let BOQU instrument become the biggest factory in water quality analyzers in Shanghai China.

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe
BOQU Exhibition

The BOQU Instrument is a young, energetic and professional team. We will continue to focus on R&D and manufacturing of high-end water quality monitoring instruments and sensors.we keep to create benefits for our customers,We work hard for the material and spiritual aspects of all employees,and contribute to the progress and development of humanity. forever to guard the earth's water quality.

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe

BOQU Instruments is very popular in all global market, because BOQU Water quality anaysis instrument and sensors got most international certicates. As a responsible and high-tech enterprise in China,BOQU Instrument thinks there is still long way to go,so our production is strictly according to ISO9001 from source of raw material to finished instrument. And their is professional staff and test instrument to check each our many instruments have reached or exceeded the world-class level. BOQU instrument also got many certificates such as CE, SGS,FCC and so on.

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe
Visit Customers

In order to provide better service for our customers, we will visit customers in different countries.Only in this way,then we could truly understand customer needs and help customers to choose right water quality analyzers and sensors.

Boqu Dog-209fyd Digital Optical Do Probe

FAQ of Best Water Treatment Online Digital Dissolved oxygen Meter

1. How can dissolved oxygen be measured using fluorescence?
A very specific energy wavelength is transmitted to a ruthenium compound immobilized in a sol-gel matrix. The ruthenium will absorb this energy, changing the outer electron's energy level. The electron will then collapse back to its original energy state, emitting the energy as a photon with a different specific wavelength. This is called "fluorescing". If the intensity of the transmitted wavelength is tightly controlled, the amount of fluorescing is both predictable and repeatable.

2. How often do the sensors need to be calibrated?
We recommend that the calibration be checked at least once a year. The sensor will drift less than one percent per year.

3. How long has this technology been in use?
Fluorescence technology has been used to measure oxygen uptake in the medical industry for decades. In the early 2000s, the technology was adapted for use in measuring dissolved oxygen in biological reactors. The key issues in making the technology viable in the water treatment industry were the durability of the sensing element and cost. Another important concern was packaging the system in a way that was easy to use and required very little maintenance. The Insite units have accomplished all of these objectives.

4. Can the sensor be calibrated in the field?
Yes, the sensor can be calibrated in the field. A simple calibration to a reference takes about a minute.

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